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Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Construction 2015

2015 JV final

Location – 12872D County Road 314B, Buena Vista, Colorado
Start Date – 2/3/2015
Dedication ceremony was August 27, 2015.
Closing Date – 10/1/2015

Ruby Mt Nathrop final

Location –  11450 Ruby Mountain Ln, Nathrop, Colorado
Start Date – 2/1/2015
Dedication ceremony was June 19, 2015.
Closing Date – 9/10/2015

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Johnson Village
Location – 12872D County Road 314B, Buena Vista, Colorad0
This build was our main focus since breaking ground in January. During the early months we worked on average two days per week when the weather was good. As we moved into warmer weather the work schedule expanded to our normal five days per week. Progress was steady with a small group of dedicated volunteers and the offender crew in our partnership training program.

Ruby Mountain Blitz Build is finished
Location – 11450 Ruby Mountain Ln, Nathrop, Colorado
On June 5 a large crew rolled up to our build site on Ruby Mountain Lane in Nathrop to begin our 2015 Blitz Build. This project was a partnership between the professional building community in our area and Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity. The goal was to complete a home in two weeks.

One year ago Diesslin Structures Inc. (DSI) agreed to be the lead for the professional community. Rebecca Hauser was the Project Manager and dedicated a significant amount of time lining up all the technical support to make the project a success.

The work force varied between 10 – 25 individuals each day. After one week the structure was dried-in and passed the rough-in plumbing and electrical inspections. On a normal build is takes Habitat approximately three months to get to this point. Even with this great progress there was no time to stop and admire our work. We immediately moved on to insulating, installing drywal, flooring and cabinets and painting.

Here are the main supporters:

  • Diesslin Structures Inc.
  • EPC Homes
  • Advanced Construction
  • American Drilling Service
  • Architectural Glass & Garage Door
  • Ark Plumbing
  • Buena Vista Correctional Complex
  • Crowley County Correctional Complex
  • Chaffee County Waste
  • Comfort Zone
  • Doc’s Heating and Cooling
  • Franco Stucco and Stone
  • First Street Flooring
  • Frank McMurry
  • Mariposa Window & Door
  • MJR Construction
  • Poncha Lumber
  • Pridemore Construction
  • Rock Mountain Electric
  • Rodney Wilson
  • Teamwork Construction
  • Unlimited Sanitation
  • Valley Precast
  • White Light Electric
We would like to especially thank our lunch supporters:
Please see our Business Donors page for links to these businesses.2015 Blitz Donors

As always, for each build we need your support from food preparation to site coordination to pounding nails. Please call the office at 395-0482 if you would like to help with next year’s builds in any way.



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